09 Oct

Rivals+ online first rough step

Write by Soshen at 16:38 for Rivals category

Step by step a little, rough, first version of Rivals+ is online for testing.

At now it have only some function, core and user ladder system, but testing it are a great step forward for me cose they will share a lot of stuff with clan side.



04 Sep

Rivals+ help wanted

Write by Soshen at 16:34 for Rivals category

The starting and base works for Rivals+ are finally done so it's time to works with graphic template and languages pack

So, again, i want try to create a little dev team.

The graphic side is only for logo and icons creation.

If you are interested in this, please propose yourself here.

19 May

I've released the version 2.0.0 of Official Topic Index a-z mod for phpBB.

The new version have a new visual style.

Tag filter supported.
Topics with single or double tag are filtered and the system will ignoring the tags.
Are supported tag like [] or () or {}.

More faster than before.
The system add a single db query when you open the topic with list inside.

Stand alone page with all list.
You can create external list with name that you like and show them outside topics. This lists can merge topics from different forums and subforums.



06 May

phpRivals MOD 2.0.1 released

Write by Soshen at 15:36 for Rivals category

I've released the new beta version of phpRivals MOD, 2.0.1.

phpRivals MOD 2.0.1 addons:

  • Added users leaderboard page
  • Added challenge button in user profile page
  • Added the Roster LineUP system (tournaments)
  • Now you can add a map to a mapset already created manually [you can use for dlc]
  • Added check in cpc e decerto system that check if you have entered at least 3 map for mode before active it
  • Fixed all the known bugs
  • Added Portuguese language (by nenuc0)
  • Added French language (by toxic)



11 Apr


Write by Soshen at 14:57 for Site News category

Rivals+ is a standalone version (but advanced) of phpRivals MOD.

Rivals+ is a cms that allow users to create their portal for ladders and tournaments with url rewriting and cache function.

This system will have a core users management but can work in bridge with phpBB, IPB, VB (using their own users system).



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