11 Apr


Write by Soshen at 14:57 for Site News category

Rivals+ is a standalone version (but advanced) of phpRivals MOD.

Rivals+ is a cms that allow users to create their portal for ladders and tournaments with url rewriting and cache function.

This system will have a core users management but can work in bridge with phpBB, IPB, VB (using their own users system).



12 Feb

A new dress

Write by Soshen at 02:03 for Site News category

Here revelated the reason of my "Miss in Action".


I need apply all my free time for force the developing of NipponArt new site concept.

New cms, new grafic and more.


It was something that I aimed for so long ... and that had become necessary even to show a updated versions of the mod.

For this reason, the upgrading, may be necessary to delete cookies or reload the avatar.
If there are problems with the login you can use the shoutbox for communicating it to me.

Thank you.

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