09 Oct

Rivals+ online first rough step

Write by Soshen at 16:38 for Rivals category

Step by step a little, rough, first version of Rivals+ is online for testing.

At now it have only some function, core and user ladder system, but testing it are a great step forward for me cose they will share a lot of stuff with clan side.



04 Sep

Rivals+ help wanted

Write by Soshen at 16:34 for Rivals category

The starting and base works for Rivals+ are finally done so it's time to works with graphic template and languages pack

So, again, i want try to create a little dev team.

The graphic side is only for logo and icons creation.

If you are interested in this, please propose yourself here.

11 Apr


Write by Soshen at 14:57 for Site News category

Rivals+ is a standalone version (but advanced) of phpRivals MOD.

Rivals+ is a cms that allow users to create their portal for ladders and tournaments with url rewriting and cache function.

This system will have a core users management but can work in bridge with phpBB, IPB, VB (using their own users system).



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