30 Mar

Safe GamerTag 2.3.4 released

Write by Soshen at 13:51 for Safe GamerTag category

I've released Safe GamerTag version 2.3.4 for phpBB.
This update it's needed for next version of PSN Leaderboard addon


Here other infos


You can download it from the project page

15 Mar

Yes finally i've made a system that allow me to get the achievements status for each games without a external system and without be in dev xbox program.

So try to test the newone addon for xbox leaderboard.

A note: secret achievements do not display name / logo / desc.... but i've made a collector thread where you can tel me what they are for each games (if you have unlocked you will see them in your xbox profile) and i will fix the database, so when the system will be releases (and with future updates) all achievements are fixed.

We will make a kind of comunity db program.


My achievement for BF3

A achievement of BF3 with user that unlock it ordered by "who is the first"

03 Mar

Ladder Rivals now active

Write by Soshen at 13:00 for Rivals category

I've active in my blog too the ladder / tournament system phpRivals MOD 2.0.

This is not a demo ma a real platform where we can play for real. I will use that and you :P like tester eheh.

Right now i've open a simply 1vs1 Modern Warfare 3 ladder.

Maybe we can have fun :)

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